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what’s up witches?!?!

Bright Blessings and welcome to the mystical blog portion of the site. The Any Witches Blog is written by the one and only GreyFox Crawford. Although our blog is still new and starting out, we have high expectations for what it will morph into. The Any Witches Blog is currently in the middle of its first series, Witchcraft 101, and also has a few other ore personal posts that are more personal and less informational. We hope that you enjoy our blog and even learn something new. As always, please feel free to comment on posts or send us a message with any and all questions, comments, and queries (we love hearing your feedback!!).

  • WITCHCRAFT 101, Part Three

    WITCHCRAFT 101, Part Three

    what’s up witches?!?!?! Bright Blessing and welcome to another installment of the Any Witches Blog. Today we are welcoming the next addition to our Witchcraft 101 series, which will be all about the mystical realm of colors. We will explore all the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) before moving on to some of the different…

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  • I AM SO SORRY!!!!!

    I AM SO SORRY!!!!!

    whAT’S UP WITCHES?!?!?! Welcome and bright blessings Witches. I am so sorry for not being more present and posting more often (as I would like to be). Unfortunately, life happens to us all, and lately life has been dealing me the worst spread in this tarot read of life. However, I have learned not to…

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  • WITCHCRAFT 101, part 2

    WITCHCRAFT 101, part 2

    WHAT’S UP WITCHES?!?!? Bright Blessings and welcome to the second installment of our Witchcraft 101 series. In part one we discussed what witchcraft is and how it can be practiced as either a religion or a more personal spiritual journey. In part two we will dive a little bit deeper and go over several different…

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