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Welcome and bright blessings Witches. I am so sorry for not being more present and posting more often (as I would like to be). Unfortunately, life happens to us all, and lately life has been dealing me the worst spread in this tarot read of life. However, I have learned not to dwell on the past, for those are the things we cannot change. So, I will keep my head up and push through the hard times with a smile, knowing that I will make it through.

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Where I’ve been

Long story short, and in full honesty, I was locked up in jail for 5 days. Unable to talk to anyone except my very loving life partner, and soon to be husband, David, and even then, it was only for a very short phone call of 15 minutes a day. Since being released, I have spent a renewed focus on continuing to better my relationship, as well as cleaning up my life around me, literally. I have been cleaning up the house and the land it sits on to help beautify what I see every day in hopes to keep my mindset in a happier place then where it has been lately. BUT……

I am back again to continue on with this wonderful blog. I have a few changes in mind that I will be implementing here on the site slowly over the next couple of months. So be on the lookout for the changes.

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other news

We have some exciting news coming your way very soon! Get ready for the next installment of the Witchcraft 101 series. Part 3 will focus on Colors and their Symbolic Significance in Witchcraft. We are planning to release it on Monday, October 9th, 2023. We may even release it earlier, so stay tuned! We are thrilled to share with you all that we have prepared for this fascinating series. You won’t want to miss it!

In this installment, we will explore the importance and symbolism of colors in the world of witchcraft. You will discover how colors can be used in rituals and spells to enhance specific intentions. From vibrant red, associated with passion and action, to calming blue, related to intuition and inner peace, we will uncover the hidden power within each hue.

You will learn how to choose the right color based on your magical goals, how to combine them to enhance your spells, and how to interpret the messages and symbols that colors convey. Delving into a fascinating chromatic universe, you will discover that colors have the power to influence our emotions, thoughts, and energies.

So, get ready to dive into an ocean of shades and learn the ancient art of utilizing colors in witchcraft. This third installment of the Witchcraft 101 series will guide you on a captivating journey through the various nuances that the magical universe has to offer. Don’t miss out!

Once you’ve absorbed all the colorful knowledge from part 3, we’ll have part 4 ready for you. In this installment, we will enter the world of herbs and their magical (and sometimes not so magical) properties. But let’s make one thing clear: we are not doctors, so do not use these herbs as substitutes for proper medical treatment. Always check with your doctor before trying any herbal remedy, especially if you found it online. We just want good vibes and health for you!

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Bright Blessings and Welcome to another installment of the Any Witches Blog.
Please first allow me to apologize for being absent for an extended period of time. I had some self-work that needed my full attention. Although I am still working through some of it, I am able to focus some of that energy back into this beautiful work in progress.
I am back and ready to get into gear and becoming more present, not only here at Any Witches Way but in my life in general. So, I am sorry for my absentness but get ready to be seeing too much of me. LoL 😀


I am planning to launch a series of posts, over the next few weeks, entitled Witchcraft 101. This series is still in the making, so bear with me on release dates and times. If you couldn’t guess it, the general topic of the series will be the basics of witchcraft. The information within the series will be what the majority of witches, if not all, agree to be true and what could be deemed as “common knowledge.” I plan to have at least three installments including topics such as grounding, meditation, herbs, crystals, candles, and much more!!

As always feel free to reach out and email me at GreyFox ( I would love to hear any and all feedback you have, whether it is praises or critiques. Also, if you are going through a bumpy part of the path you travel, my inbox is open, and I am here for you to vent or ask questions. Or maybe you just need a friend to talk to, my inbox is open for that too.

Stay tuned for the first installment of Witchcraft 101, which should be available within the next week or two.

This is GreyFox signing off for now. Until we meet again. Stay safe and be blessed!

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A Personal Post


Bright Blessing’s, and welcome to another episode of the Any Witches Way blog. Brought to you by the one and only, GreyFox Crawford. Tonight’s episode will be slightly different than what was originally intended. Because of this, I feel obligated to add a reader’s warning.

This post may not be suitable for some readers. This post may also be triggering to some individuals.
This post contains personal experiences of living with MENTAL ILLNESS.

If you are struggling with life, and all that life throws at you, and it feels unbearable or too much to deal with, please reach out and talk to someone. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself, hurting others, or hurting animals or if you have already acted on those thoughts, PLEASE reach out and talk to someone. If you feel like you do not know, or feel comfortable with, anyone to talk to about this, you can Call or text 1-800-985-5990. This number is for the disaster distress helpline. Which provides immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster. The helpline is free, multilingual, confidential, and available 24/7. Another national resource you can call or text is the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, which offers 24/7 support for anyone in emotional distress. The 988 Lifeline also offers an IM style crisis chat if you prefer to chat online or don’t have access to a phone.
I, personally, would like to also give you the option to email me. Keep in mind that I am NOT a counselor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. I do NOT have any type of degree or expertise in ANY medical field, including mental health. Emailing me is for those of you who are not in a crisis situation and are in need of help that I cannot provide, rather my offer is for those of you who need to vent, or want an outsiders opinion, or maybe you find it easier to talk to someone when hiding behind the mask of the internet. Basically, I am offering a new friendship, or pen pal. Giving the option to connect with someone who may be going through something similar and who understands what it is like living with Mental Illness. You can email me 24/7 but do not expect fast response, it may take a week or longer for me to get to and respond to your email (I am a busy person, living my life, and dealing with my own hardships), so please be patient, I will respond as soon as I can. My email is

As I am sitting here typing away at this new post, sipping some tea, on a cool late spring evening/early morning, I am reminded that, sometimes, we, as individuals, are not “fine,” and that sometimes that is okay. If you have not assumed or guessed it, I am experiencing a depressive episode. Dealing with a myriad of different stresses, both good and bad, that have been piling up behind the sketchy looking flood gates that allow me to hold off, or procrastinate, dealing with those stresses. This is one of the worst coping mechanisms, in my personal opinion, that anyone can choose to utilize in an attempt to get in control of and/or deal with their emotions and life’s stresses, BUT, I also think that, bottling up, is one of the most commonly used coping mechanisms universally.

I have Major Depressive Disorder, also know as depression. MDD can show itself differently in every individual affected by it. For me, during a depressive episode, MDD might appear as a general sadness that hovers and clings to me even during times of happiness or activities of enjoyment. Other times however, my MDD will come at me head on at full speed making it seemingly impossible for my able body to get out of bed. Luckily I have not experienced the later in quite some time, mainly because I have learned that most of the things I do not want to do when these episodes occur are the things, or activities, that I actually need the most. For example, I love to write. You can almost always see me carrying a pen and paper with me, ready to jot down the next random idea that suddenly pops in my head. BUT when I am experiencing one of these funks, I just don’t want to write. Even if I have the most brilliant idea or topic for a post or story, I just can not seem to put forth the effort to put pen to paper. Because I know of this blockade that MDD places upon me, I have trained myself to push through and force myself to start writing. Even if I cant think of anything of substance to write about, I make myself to start writing. If I cant think of anything, I will begin writing down what I can see around me, which usually ends up being what my dogs are doing at that point in time. But the important part is that I write something down. And literally as soon as I get that first word written, guess what, I just successfully got over a barrier that MDD was using to keep me feeling trapped. That may seem like a simple task, writing a single word, but during these episodes you can often find me doing anything else besides the things that I enjoy and find pleasure in. It is important that we acknowledge and celebrate every victory, no matter how great or small it may appear. Bask in the glory of beating even the simplest of obstacles, by simply writing down a single word.